Kenwood Music

Kenwood Music exists to accompany the singing of God’s people at Kenwood Baptist Church. Our hope is that the resources here will serve other churches and ministries interested in singing these songs.    


No Grave Could Keep

The new Kenwood Music album, No Grave Could Keep, can be found in a few different spots online.








Chord Charts

Here are the chord charts for some of the original songs we sing at Kenwood. 

     Holy is the Everlasting God (F)

     Holy is the Everlasting God (capo V)

     Holy is the Everlasting God (G)


     No Grave Could Keep (F)

     No Grave Could Keep (capo V)

     No Grave Could Keep (G)


     All I Need


     Awake! (F)

     Awake! (capo III)

     Awake! (G)


     The Grace of Him