BIBLE STUDIES & Audio Recordings

Women's Ministry at Kenwood seeks to build up the faith of women and strengthen the bonds of love and fellowship among each other through the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Fall Retreat Session 1 & Testimonies // Be Still and Know: Resting in Christ in the Busyness of Life

September 2017


Fall Retreat Session 2 // Julie Purswell

September 2014


2 Thessalonians // a 3-part series

Written by Jill Hamilton

January 2014

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1 Thessalonians // a 5-part series

Written by Jill Hamilton

July 2013

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Being Women of the Word // a 4-part series on studying God's Word

January 2013


Study Notes:

How I Mark My Bible // Jim Hamilton

I use a mechanical pencil, a set of colored pens, colored pencils, and occasionally a highlighter to note things. As I've done this over the years, I've developed a color code for key ideas:

Yellow (colored pencil) = anything notable, repeated words in the passage, etc. 

Pink = knowing or fearing God/the Lord 

Blue = references to faith, believing, piety, etc. 

Red = anything notable, but particularly the actions the Lord himself does 

Purple = references to royalty/kingship/the coming Messiah 

Green = references to earlier Scripture, whether quotations or otherwise 

Orange = references to God's glory or name 

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